I am a cinematographer working for narrative films, documentaries and commercials. In 2016, I was honoured to be one of the first two Quebec women admitted to the prestigious Canadian Society of Cinematographers.

After graduating from UQAM, I was invited to join the famous Budapest Cinematography Masterclass where I had the privilege to meet two great masters, Vilmos Zsigmond and John Schwartzman, which truly was a life-changing experience; I knew from then on that I would dedicate my life to cinematography.

After that, I honed my skills through practice and experimentation. I shot over 50 shorts and features like Le journal d’Aurélie Laflamme, Camion, L’ange gardien, Gurov and Anna and most recently Father and guns 2; many of which won local and international awards (Camion, Where I am, The Astronaut).

My television work includes whole seasons of Beaux Malaises, Et si?, Ruptures, and Les Simones. I also shot the extremely popular New Year’s Eve sketch comedies Bye bye in 2016 and 2017.

To me, cinematography is a way of approaching the world. I love to probe the depths of human psyche and explore new environments, which is well reflected in my documentary work. (J’m’en vas r’viendre, L’autisme au gré du vent, Fermières).

Some of the series I worked on, such as Who do you think you are, Tabous et Interdits and Le théâtre des opérations (which won Gémeaux Award for Best Documentary Cinematography) allowed me to travel the world, which inspired my work a lot.

Art itself is also a powerful source of inspiration for me. My passion for formal research influences me to play with colours, light and composition. Aesthetic is a powerful vehicle for emotion and is an important element of my photographic approach, as it can be felt in L’éducation nautique, awarded Best Canadian Experimental Short at the 2007 World Wide Short Film Festival.

These two poles – documentary and aesthetic – characterize my cinematographic approach. They complement and support, feed and develop one another; reality proving fertile ground for beauty, and exploration of formal elements being a incredible incubator for ideas.

Devoted to passing down my knowledge to the next generation of filmmakers, I also teach cinematography at UQAM and INIS, in Montreal.

Selected Filmmography

Narrative Features

Father and guns 2, Cinémaginaire, dir. Émile Gaudreault, 2017

Gourov and Anna, Zone 3, dir. Rafael Ouellet, 2015

Cendres de cailloux (in part), dir. Francis Leclerc (currently in production)

L’ange gardien, Couzin Films, dir. Jean-Sébastien Lord, 2014

Camion, La Coop vidéo, dir. Rafaël Ouellet, 2012

Le journal d’Aurélie Laflamme, Les films Vision 4, dir. Christian Laurence, 2010

Narrative and Experimental Shorts

Follow the fox, Art et Essai, dir. Simon Laganière, 2013

Where I am, Voyous Films, dir. Myriam Magassouba, 2012

Le technicien, Facteur 7, dir. Simon-O. Fecteau, 2009

Caporal Crevette, Facteur 7 , dir. Christian Laurence, 2008

The Astronaut, Off-court Trouville, dir. Christian Laurence, 2007

Nautical education, Kino/Off-court Trouville, dir. Christian Laurence, 2006

Television – Dramas

Bye bye 2017, KoTV, dir Simon-Olivier Fecteau, Radio-Canada 2017

Bye bye 2016, KoTV, dir Simon-Olivier Fecteau, Radio-Canada 2016

Les Simones II, 13 x 30 min, KoTv, dir. Ricardo Trogi, Radio-Canada 2017

Les Simones I, 13 x 30 min, KoTv, dir. Ricardo Trogi, Radio-Canada 2016

Ruptures, 12 x 1h, Aetios, dir. Mariloup Wolfe, Radio-Canada 2015

Les Beaux Malaises II, 11x 30 min, Encore télévision, dir. Francis Leclerc, TVA 2015

Les Beaux Malaises I, 10x 30 min, Encore télévision, dir. Francis Leclerc, TVA 2014

Et si, 14x 30 min, KOTV, dir. Christian Laurence / Alain Chicoine, Vtélé 2012

Fais ça court, 50 fiction shorts, Prod. Marie Brissette, Télé-Québec 2007-09


Fermières, Micro_scope, dir. Annie St-Pierre, 2014

L’autisme, au gré du vent, Cirrus, dir Françoise Lavoie Pilote, 2012

J’m’en va r’viendre, NitroFilms, dir. Sarah Fortin, 2011

Television – Documentary Series

Tabous et interdits, 4x 1h, Anémone films, dir. Christian Laurence, TV5, 2015

Le théâtre des opérations, 8x 1 h, Esperamos, dir. Hugo Latulippe, ARTV 2014

Who do you think you are (season 1 & 2), 10x 1 h, Zone 3, Radio-Canada 2012-2013


Fabrique-moi un conte, productions Jimmy Lee, tou.tv, 2011

En audition avec Simon, A_Media productions, dir. Simon-Olivier Fecteau, tou.tv, 2010-2018